3 Tips to Get Pregnant with a Girl!


7:04 am September 27, 2011

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When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, there is an entire array of old wives’ tales that still influence our modern-day practices. If you want to get pregnant with a girl, you’ve surely heard of giving in to your chocolate cravings. After all, you are what you eat (or, in this case, what your mother ate when she was conceiving you) and angelic little girls come from sweet, wholesome chocolate.

Of course, there’s no proof of that, though it wouldn’t hurt to give in to some sweet craving every now and then. But don’t let your hopes get dashed. There is a better and more proven way by which you can get pregnant with a girl.

Sex before Ovulation

Ovulation is when your ovaries release a mature egg ready to be fertilized by a sperm cell. It happens every month and, if there is no sperm cell to fertilize it, the egg is shed out of the body through menstruation. Timing sexual intercourse a few days before ovulation gives you the best chance of conceiving a baby girl. How does it work?

Sperm cells that contain the X chromosome, which is responsible for giving you a girl, are larger and stronger than sperm cells that contain the Y chromosome, or boy sperm cells. However, they are also heavier and slower and end up swimming behind the boy sperm cells, which are faster but die out earlier. If you time your intercourse two or three days before an egg matures, you are giving more time for the boy sperm cells to die off one by one, leaving only the girl sperm cells behind.

Preparing the Environment

You would also want to establish the most conducive environment where the girl sperm cells can patiently wait for the release of the egg and swim freely to it without being beaten to it by the speedier boy sperm cells. Take a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning at least 20 minutes before breakfast. This keeps your vagina’s pH levels up, which will most likely kill off the boy sperm cells while keeping it healthy enough to allow the hardier girl sperm cells to make their way to the egg.

Arranging Schedules

If you’re going to time sexual intercourse before ovulation, it’s important that you have a clear idea of when your body releases a mature egg cell. There isn’t any single method of accurately predicting the day of ovulation, but you can combine most of these methods to pinpoint the exact day when you’re going to ovulate next.

  • Use ovulation predictor kits. These are little strips that you urinate on to check for the presence of luteinizing hormones, which appear 24 hours before ovulation. Check two times everyday, once in the morning and another time at night.
  • Examine your vaginal discharge. Every woman has a white discharge that varies in color, consistency, and appearance all throughout her cycle. When you’re not ovulating, your discharge is sticky and tends to break if you pull it between your fingers. The nearer you get to ovulation, the more elastic the discharge becomes. Pull it between your fingers and it stretches off into a few inches before breaking.
  • Measure your basal body temperature. This is your temperature in the morning, right before you get up to do anything else. During the entire month when you’re not ovulating, you will have a consistent temperature as long as you don’t contract a fever. When the temperature spikes up for half a degree, that indicates that you are ovulating.


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