5 TIPS – How to Get Pregnant with Twins!


6:57 am October 31, 2011

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Having twins, whether they are identical or fraternal, is fascinating. Sure, it means double the fatigue during sleepless nights and the money spent on raising a single child, but it also means double the happiness.

To date, there are no scientifically proven methods you can do to get pregnant with twins, but there are several factors that most couples who have conceived multiples have in common. These factors still have to undergo more rigorous testing, but it’s certainly practical and reasonable to follow the advice of couples who have twins.

1. Inherit the twin gene. Sometimes, some couples who want to get pregnant with twins are just lucky enough to have received a gene that makes them more susceptible to conceiving multiples. Twinning, particularly fraternal twinning, is hereditary. If anyone in the first generation of your family had twins, skip one generation and it’s highly likely that those in the third, fifth, seventh generations and so on are going to get pregnant with twins, too. If your grandmother had twins, you might have inherited the genes for twinning. Lucky you!

2. Eat yams. Did you know that women of the native Yoruba tribe in West Africa have the highest incidence of conceiving twins in the entire world? After some research, experts concluded that the widespread twinning was a result of the native diet, which is very high in cassava, a type of yam that flourishes in warm climates and tastes very much like sweet potato. According to the study, the skin of the cassava is very rich in a special chemical that causes hyperovulation.

3. Pack on more weight. Nobody exactly knows how, but women who are found higher on the obesity chart have been found to have more chances when they want to get pregnant with twins. This was even proven in a study conducted by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, where researchers found out that women who had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 were more likely to conceive multiples than those who had a lower BMI. Having twins might just be the best excuse for a high body fat percentage.

4. Wait it out. When you wait until your 40s or 50s to have children, it is more likely that you are going to have twins. This is because your body clock speeds up and your ovulation increases. It’s very likely that you will be releasing multiple mature eggs in your later years and helps you get pregnant with twins. However, keep in mind that waiting until you’re older to get a baby has higher risks for gestational disorders for you and chromosomal deficiencies for the babies.

5. Take pills, but take them irregularly. Taking birth control pills regularly reduces your chances of getting pregnant to almost 0 percent. But if you take them on an on-again, off again basis, pregnancy is still bound to happen. The irregularity of chemicals administered to the body gets your reproductive system and its hormones running completely out of whack, opening a huge possibility for multiple mature egg cells and conceiving twins.

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