5 TIPS to Get Pregnant with Twins – NATURALLY!


6:40 am September 22, 2011

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Only one out of 89 childbirths is twins. Your chances might not be very promising, but there are several ways to get pregnant with twins naturally. Some couples who badly want twins or multiples prefer more modern, artificial methods such as in vitro fertilization and the intake of fertility drugs to increase ovulation. While these are effective, they also pose higher health risks for the woman and her babies. The best way to get pregnant with twins is still the natural way, and this does not include stocking up on fertility charms and bracelets you can buy from eBay.

1. Increase your intake of dairy products. A study conducted by Dr. Gary Steinman of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center shows that women who ate dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yoghurt everyday were five times more likely to get pregnant with twins naturally than vegetarian women. Dr. Steinman, however, notes that these dairy products might have come from cows that were treated with growth hormones, so don’t forget to ask your grocer about his stock of dairy the next time you head off to the grocery store.

2. Eat lots of cassava. Cassava is a type of starchy tuber that is native to South America and other tropical countries. It is mostly produced in Nigeria, where the Yoruba people, a native tribe that subsists mainly on cassava, live. Yoruba women are known to have the highest rate of giving birth to twins in the entire world, more than four times as much as the rest of the global population. After much studying, researchers concluded that this is due to the presence of a chemical in the cassava that causes hyperovulation.

3. Gain more weight. Although no real explanation has been offered yet, researchers at the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology have found out that women who have a higher than normal Body Mass Index (BMI), which means 30 and above, are more likely to get pregnant with twins naturally than women who had normal or low BMIs. They also discovered that taller women had more chances of conceiving twins than women who were at the normal height for their weight and age.

4. Try to get pregnant while breastfeeding. Common knowledge has it that women do not ovulate when they are lactating. Several reports from mothers of fraternal twins and the study by Dr. Steinman, however, refute this statement. According to Dr. Steinman, women who are trying to conceive while breastfeeding are nine times more likely to have twins than women who weren’t lactating.

5. Rely on your genes. Some women just have to be lucky enough to get pregnant with twins naturally, without even trying so hard. These are the women who have the twin gene activated in their DNA. The twin gene isn’t necessarily something that dictates that you conceive and give birth to twins. It is more of something that makes you hyperovulate, or release more eggs than one during ovulation. If your grandmother or one of her sisters gave birth to twins, there’s a higher chance that you will also do so than if your grandmother hadn’t.

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