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We are the premiere online resource about everything you need to know about pregnancy. From getting to pregnant, to determining the gender of your baby and what to expect during labor and delivery. Whether you are a first time mom or trying to get pregnant, you will find a rich collection of useful information in here.

The website is divided into the following sections:

getting pregnant iconGetting pregnant. Pregnancy is considered by many to be the essence of a woman. For most, it is a life-changing experience that cannot be described. While getting pregnant comes very naturally for some, others may find it to be a more challenging task. This section aims to provide different and updated methods on how to simplify the act of getting pregnant. You will come across real life stories, testimonials as well as studies from leading health experts. No doubt you will find essential information to guide you and provide you with the wellness and peace of mind you need as you go on the journey to conception.

Fertility. It is essential that a woman is in the pink of health while trying to get pregnant. Having high stress levels or engaging in unhealthy habits may significantly lower her chances of conceiving. What are the factors that can contribute to fertility problems? More importantly, what are the known methods to treat these? Don’t let infertility get your hopes down of ever conceiving. It is important that you are armed with basic knowledge of what your options are. This section will provide updates on proven methods and studies on how fertility problems can be treated and avoided.

Boy or Girl. According to Dr. Shettles and a number of those who have tried the Shettles method, choosing the gender of your baby is a possibility. By understanding the main differences between the male and the female sperm, you are able to significantly increase your chances of having a baby boy or a baby girl, depending on your choice. Some of the more popular methods are discussed here as well as testimonials from couples who have had success in employing such tips for their own gender based pregnancies.

Pregnancy – Week by Week. This Pregnancy Calendar is trying to help you understand your pregnancy and the fetal development taking place week by week through your pregnancy including ultrasound pictures and practical advice on being pregnant from the physical to the emotional. You will find lots of pictures from the smallest embryo to the largest baby! We hope you enjoy this section!

Weight Problems. Many pregnant women fail to realize the significance of maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy. Going beyond the recommended weight can seriously increase the risk of complications during pregnancy among other things. It is ideal then to keep yourself informed on how to maintain the right weight for your height while pregnant. This section not only provides the recommended weight gain chart from the Institute of Medicine but it also provides tips on how to eat and stay healthy. Advice and stories are shared by heath experts and other pregnant women struggling with the same problems as you.

Childbirth. For women who are infanticipating for the first time, a lot of anxiety will be alleviated by checking into this site. You will be guided through the different stages of childbirth. From arriving at the hospital until your baby takes his first gulp of the outside air, you will not be left out of the dark. It is packed useful information about what to expect and what should be done to optimize the health of your baby and yourself at every stage. Check in this section for any questions for expert and timely advice on labor and delivery.

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