Expecting a Baby? Five Symptoms of Pregnancy You Can’t Miss!


11:02 am November 8, 2011

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Are you pregnant? There’s only one way to be 100% sure that you are on the family way and that is to visit your ob-gyne for a checkup. But there are several distinguishable symptoms of pregnancy that tell you there just might be a new life brewing inside you. Not everyone experiences the same warning signs, but if you have a combination of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, it has to be time to visit your doctor.

1. Missed Period

If you have a fairly regular cycle and you suddenly miss a period, then chances are you might be pregnant, that is if you are sexually active. This is one of the most obvious symptoms of pregnancy. The term “regular” doesn’t only apply to women who have strict 28-day cycles. Those who have cycles that range anywhere from 25 to 35 days are still included in the “regular” category. It is only considered irregular if you spend several months without your period but you’re not pregnant.

2. Morning Sickness

Although no one knows why newly pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, it is still one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy to watch out for. Morning sickness doesn’t only happen in the morning, though. It also frequently happens in the middle of the day and at night and can range anywhere from a light dizziness to vomiting. Pregnant women should avoid dehydration caused by severe morning sickness by avoiding fatty foods and drinking lots of water.

3. Fatigue and Headaches

The surge of the hormone progesterone causes the rise of these symptoms of pregnancy, including having severe headaches and feeling extremely exhausted even when you didn’t do any tedious activity throughout the day. Headaches and fatigue alone do not exclusive symptoms of pregnancy, but when they are accompanied by other signs, such as a missed period and morning sickness, better get a home pregnancy test and check.

4. Tender Breasts

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy in some women is sore and tender breasts. This, again, is the result of the increasing levels of progesterone in the system, which prepares the body for the coming changes that are going to happen in pregnancy, childbirth, and rearing. Tenderness in the breasts vary from woman to woman. You may feel only a slight tingling feeling in the nipples or a downright soreness even when the breasts are only lightly touched. As the pregnancy progresses, you will see more changes in your breasts, such as an increase in size and the appearance of dark, pimple-like bumps around the areolas.

5. Heartburn

Heartburn is not one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, but it is also one of the effects of more progesterone in the body. Heartburn occurs in pregnant women all throughout their pregnancy because the presence of progesterone relaxes the muscle that acts as the valve connecting the esophagus and the stomach. When you swallow, this valve opens to let the food pass, but when there’s an elevated level of progesterone, the muscle remains open and allows the stomach acids to rise back up to the esophagus, causing heartburn.

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