Five Sexy Tips to Conceive


12:19 pm November 30, 2011

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If you’re trying to get pregnant, then you have probably heard it all. Everyone tells you they have the secret tips to conceive, yet everybody else knows all about them already. Chart your ovulation, time your intercourse, and keep yourself healthy. But you’re still nowhere pregnant and the doctor tells you to keep trying. Are there any other reliable tips to conceive you can try? Here’s more.

1.    Keep the semen in the cervix for the longest time possible. How exactly do you do this? It’s all in the position of course. Our popular tips to conceive include having sex in the missionary position as this allows the deepest penetration. If you have a tipped uterus, however, the fastest way for the sperm cells to reach the mature egg is by having sex in a rear-entry position. Avoid positions that allow the semen to leak out, such as woman-on-top and standing positions. After ejaculation, stay in bed for at least 20 minutes with your hips tilted under a pillow.

2.    Have an orgasm.This is definitely one of your favorite tips to conceive, isn’t it? Apparently, having an orgasm doesn’t only make trying to have a baby much more enjoyable, it also increases your chances of getting pregnant. But how? The involuntary muscle contractions that happen inside the vagina during orgasm pull the sperm cells closer and more quickly to the cervix and up the fallopian tubes, allowing them to fertilize the egg cell in less time than if you didn’t reach orgasm.

3.    Take some cough syrup.Cough syrup works by thinning out the mucus in the lungs. It is said to also be able to thin out the mucus in the cervix, thus creating a slippery path where your man’s sperm can swim quickly up to the egg cell. This is one of the tips to conceive you should be really careful about, though. Some cough syrups contain unhelpful substances, like antihistamines, which completely dry out the mucus, and harmful ingredients, like destromethorphan, which is known to cause birth defects.

4.    Cut down on the caffeine.Caffeine has different effects on the male and female bodies, at least, where fertility is concerned. Scientific research has found caffeine to increase the risk of miscarriages in pregnant women, but it is also linked to higher sperm counts in men. You may have to cut back on coffee and cola drinks for some time if you want to get pregnant soon. Fruit juice, tea, or plain water is a healthier substitute. At the same time, let your partner drink up his usual cup of morning coffee.

5.    Ditch the hot tub.Rounding up this list of tips to conceive is an advice to abandon the romantic hot bath together and head straight to the bed. Studies show that hot baths, along with placing anything hot near your man’s testicles, grossly affects his sperm count and sperm quality. That’s why they were placed outside the body, after all –so they can be kept cool and away from the body’s hot core temperature. Don’t listen, though, when people tell you he should sit on a pack of ice before sexual intercourse. It doesn’t help in any way since it takes at least two months before exposure to cooler temperatures increases sperm count and it certainly is a damper to your spirits.

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