Four Fertility Tips and Tricks That Doctors Don’t Tell You


10:03 am February 8, 2012

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Around 80 percent of all fertility problems in the United States can be reversed after a year of trying with medical assistance. That’s certainly good news for couples who are having difficulties having a baby. Many fertility treatments involve the use of drugs that induce egg cell production, invasive surgery to remove uterine blockages, or assisted reproductive technology that costs thousands of dollars. What doctors don’t tell you is that there are other cheaper and easier fertility tips that may just be the solution to your problems.

1.    Have safe sex. One of the most secret fertility tips for women is to practice safe sex all the time. In the United States, one out four women aged 25 and younger suffer from Chlamydia, the most common sexually-transmitted disease (STD) in the country. That is about 2.3 million cases in all. What we don’t know is that Chlamydia is the leading cause of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which causes inflammation in all the parts of the reproductive cycle and leads to fertility issues. So, next time you hit the bedwith someone with the hopes of getting some but not getting pregnant, bring a condom with you. Early prevention now means more hope for the future.

2.    Ditch your hair dyes and nail polish. Studies conducted by the American Fertility Association in New York found that benzene, a common chemical found in hair dyes, nail polish, and lubricants can make women stop menstruating altogether. The rigid plastic used to make beverage bottles and the metal used for canned food contain bisphenol-A, a chemical that prevents the healthy division of cells in the uterus, which can potentially kill off an embryo because the uterus will refuse to grow cells that it can attach itself to. And one of those fertility tips you might not want to believe –get rid of your makeup. Or at least, check the label for the presence of phthalates, substances that cause ovulatory irregularities and low sperm count in men.

3.    Have your man masturbate every two days. Having sex everyday for the sake of getting pregnant can actually be stressful for a couple trying to conceive. The best time to try is around the six-day period before and after the day of ovulation, provided you were able to predict the date. But it is still worth mentioning that your partner should constantly keep his supply of sperm fresh and healthy. Being kept inside the testes for so long will make the sperm cells too frail and stale to fertilize an egg cell. Masturbating once every two or three days does the job.

4.    Keep the testicles cool. Here’s one of our fertility tips adopted from the ancient Indians: Keep the testicles cool. In old India, men who wanted to have a baby performed a fertility ritual where they dipped their testicles in cold water. They certainly got it right back then because the testicles are meant to be kept cool to keep the sperm cells alive and healthy. That’s why they are found outside the main body. Shared hot baths with your partner can certainly be romantic, but they certainly won’t help in having a baby.

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