How to Conceive: The Do’s and Don’ts of Having a Baby


9:42 am February 1, 2012

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For many couples, they think that fate will bring them a baby. So they take it as a hit-and-miss target and have sex whenever they want to. That’s not really a bad thing, especially if they’re enjoying themselves, but there is more to having a baby than just having sex. The following guide on how to conceive is a collection of do’s and don’ts that couples need to keep in mind if they want to have a baby faster.

1.    Do keep an eye out for your ovulation date.There are several ways to do this. The most traditional is to use the calendar rhythm method, but it is only useful for women who have very regular cycles. You can chart your ovulation schedules more accurately by measuring your basal body syndrome, checking your cervical mucus, or by using ovulation predictor kits.

2.    Do have more sex.Sometimes, the only way where you can learn how to conceive fast is to have sex all you want. For happy couples, this might just be the only thing they need to conceive the baby. If you don’t look at sex as an inconvenience that has to be gotten over with, you just might enjoy the thought of it and do it more often. One time or another, you will certainly hit a fertile period without even trying so hard.

3.    Do schedule an intercourse around your ovulation.If you really want to conceive, then have sex with your partner around the time of your ovulation. This greatly increases the chances of getting pregnant.

 4.    Do keep yourself healthy.All other how to conceive tips are useless without following this one. A balanced diet with the right nutrients and a proper exercise regimen for your body is essential if you want to conceive and carry a baby to term successfully. Weight is actually an issue in men and women who want to have a baby because the more weight you have on, the more difficulty you will experience in conceiving. It’s also a problem when you’re on the other end of the BMI scale, so make sure you are at a healthy normal range.

5.    Do consult a fertility specialist. He can educate you on how to conceive a healthy baby and help create a preconception plan by evaluating your current lifestyle habits and recommending changes that you need to incorporate to increase your chances of pregnancy.

6.    Don’t drink alcohol.This is for men and women because alcohol affects the quality of the egg and sperm cells. Moderation is still the keyword when it comes to drinking, but alcohol is totally banned from pregnant women.

7.    Don’t smoke.The nicotine in tobacco affects the quality of cervical mucus, which can prevent the sperm cells from even reaching the egg cell for fertilization. Leave off your bad habit for a while if you want to conceive. Quit it for good if you want you and your future children to be healthy.

8.    Don’t use commercial vaginal lubricants.KY jelly and other lubricants that can be bought from the drugstore have substances that make it difficult to the sperm cells to reach the cervix. If lubricants are needed, use canola or mineral oils instead.

9.    Do not overdo exercise.This is not the time to implement an exercise regimen for a total body makeover. 30 minutes of moderate activity everyday should be enough to keep your weight down to a healthy level, but exercising more than an hour everyday, seven days a week is not good to your dreams of having a baby.

10. Do not ignore your doctor. If you want to know how to conceivefast, then follow your doctor’s advice. It’s always best to consult your doctor you want to take a couple of herbal medicines or any other treatments.


Follow all the steps in this how to conceive guide and you will be getting pregnant sooner than you’ve hoped.

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