How to Get Pregnant Fast?


1:58 pm September 14, 2011

how to get pregnant fast

On average, most healthy American couples take at least an entire year of trying before they conceive. One year is quite a long time if you are excited to have a baby. That is because most people are not aware that simply having sex is not the answer if they want to get pregnant fast.

Aspiring parents need to be educated properly for them to conceive as soon as they can.

Timing is Tedious

For many couples, they like to time when they would have sex according to the ovulation schedules of the woman. Having to do this all the time can be exhausting for both partners, not to mention it completely takes out the fun out of sex because it becomes more like a chore they have to do to get something they both want.

If you want to get pregnant fast, chuck out the rhythm calendars and fertility thermometers and have good sex more than before. Women don’t often ovulate when they think they are anyway. A good rule of thumb is to do it three times every week. The more you have sex, the better your chances of conceiving.

Is Sex Becoming Inconvenient?

When couples try so hard, sex becomes something they want to get it over with instead of something they look forward to every night. Did you know having sex just so you can have a baby actually decreases your chances of conceiving? Research shows that having an orgasm for the woman helps bring in the sperm to the ovum faster and, for the man, a better orgasm yields more sperm. If you’re trying to get pregnant fast, get rid of the big goal in mind and just have sex for the sake of it. You will realize it’s when you stop trying so hard that things become much easier for you.

Keep the Sperm In

Use positions that allow the sperm to stay inside the vagina for a longer period, such as the missionary position. Not only is it the most intimate position of all, it also lets the sperm to sit inside the vagina and give it a chance to swim to the uterus for as long as you stay in that position. Also, rear-entry positions such as doggy style give more room for deeper penetration so the sperm can better reach the mature egg cell. Don’t opt for positions with the woman on top, though, as the sperm tends to give in to gravity and leak out in this position.

Be Healthy

Before you even get pregnant, make sure to keep your body away from unhealthy elements such as alcohol, nicotine, and illegal substances. This advice sounds reasonable, but many men and women, perhaps out of the stress of trying to get pregnant fast, still continue to smoke and drink while trying to conceive. The reproductive system in both sexes does not react well to these harmful elements and they just might be the reason why some couples cannot conceive as soon as they want to.

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