How to Get Pregnant Naturally


10:42 am February 29, 2012

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More and more couples are turning to artificial methods to get pregnant. Perhaps this is because many of these methods often imply instant results. In a world where everything is instant or one-click, it’s no surprise that people would also opt for faster pregnancies. Still, there’s no denying that you and your baby are on a much healthier course if you choose to get pregnant naturally. It’s not always instant as many couples would want it, but it’s healthier and more risk-free. There are many ways to speed up a natural pregnancy. Here are the most effective of them.

1.    Keep your vagina clean and healthy. A lot of the feminine products being sold today, including those scented washes, tampons, and sprays, are not needed for the vagina to stay healthy. In fact, anything that has harsh chemicals in it only tilts the pH balance and encourages the growth of bacterial infections. To keep the vagina healthy, stay away from chemical products and natural ones, such as organic cotton tampons and a mild soap and water wash during bath time. Take acidophilus pills orally and vaginally if you have bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections to kill off the bad bacteria and encourage the growth of good ones.

2.    Schedule sexual intercourse. It is important that you and your partner have sex several times over your ovulation period to make sure you have the most chance of getting pregnant naturally. However, having sex every single moment you have the chance, however fun it is, decreases your partner’s sperm count and, consequently, your chances of conceiving. Give him enough time for his sperm count to bounce back. Two times a day for every two days will most likely open for you a wide window of opportunity to get pregnant.

3.    Do not force the situation. Most healthy couples conceive after at least one year of trying, so don’t try to overdo it if you have been trying for three months now. If you and your partner are having exhausting instead of satisfying sex only for the sole of purpose of getting pregnant and having a baby, this once passionate and electrifying deed for the two of you will most likely sputter into a tedious chore that will bore both of you to death. If sex is no longer fun for the two of you, it can further create stressful situations that can worsen the situation.

4.    Avoid harmful elements. A lot of things you encounter everyday contribute to the difficulty of not being able to get pregnant. Check you toiletries and your cosmetics basket for harmful chemicals that interfere with your hormones, such as propylene glycol mineral oil, petroleum, SLS, sodium fluoride, benzene, isopropyl, and bentonite. Exposure to x-rays and electromagnetic waves that radiate from your electronic gadgets are also one of the causes of infertility. Even the food you eat can be the culprit. If you want to get pregnant naturally, make sure to avoid eating foods that can affect the insulin levels of your body, such as those rich in trans-fat, caffeine, and alcohol.

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