How to Get Pregnant with a Boy?


7:53 am September 20, 2011

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Boys – they’re rowdy, playful, and simply adorable. If you want to get pregnant with a boy, you can. Many people think it’s purely superstitious if you think you can influence the sex of your baby, but there’s a perfectly rational method you can do if you want to have a baby boy.

Best Time to Get Pregnant with a Boy

Timing is everything if you are planning on conceiving your little junior. But first, you have to realize the difference between sperm cells that produce charming little girls and those that produce spirited little boys:

  • Girl sperm cells are generally stay around inside the vagina a little longer than boy sperm cells, around three to five days after sexual intercourse, but they swim slower and trudge along behind the boys.
  • Boy sperm cells, on the other hand, are like little boys. They have lots of energy and zoom straight to their destination, if they can find it, right away. However, they die out easily and more quickly than girl sperm cells.

That said, when is the best time to get pregnant with a boy? It’s during when the woman is ovulating, or at least right after the mature egg is released. The sperm should be as fresh and ready as much as possible if you want a boy. If you have sex too soon, say a few days before ovulation, the weaker boy sperm cells die out, leaving all the stronger girl sperm cells behind to do the fertilizing.

Charting Your Ovulation

Although there are no real standards as there’s an entire range of what’s normal in a woman’s cycle, there are several ways for you to follow your own schedule and establish a reliable pattern that will help you determine the next day of ovulation.

1.    Basal body temperature. Use a basal body thermometer to check your temperature early in the morning before you get out of bed. For the first half of the month, your temperature will stay constant, but a significant increase (half a degree) indicates that you have ovulated and progesterone, which is responsible for the temperature increase, is preparing your body for fertilization.

2.    Mittelschmerz (“Middle Pain”). Look out for the painful twinges that occur in your lower abdomen in the middle of the month. They feel much like menstrual cramps, only less intense and they don’t come with menstruation. These indicate the maturation and release of an egg cell.

3.    Ovulation Predictor Kits. Different devices such as LH (luteinizing hormone) indicators and saliva tests check for hormonal changes in the body that signal ovulation.

Best Position to Get Pregnant with a Boy

If you want to conceive a boy, then you have to ensure the optimal conditions for boy sperm cells to reach the mature egg and fertilize it. This means lesser exposure time between the release of the sperm and fertilization. To do this, have sex in positions that allows for deeper penetration, such as missionary and rear-entry positions. This makes sure that the sperm cells have lesser time to reach the egg cell and, since boy sperm cells go faster than girl sperm cells, reach the egg earlier.

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