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11:11 am November 23, 2011

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Most women who are trying to conceive a girl have probably heard of the Shettles method. Discovered by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles in the 1960s, this method posits that if you want to get pregnant with a baby girl, then you should have sex before ovulation and after ovulation if you’ve already painted your nursery in pale blue for the arrival of a baby boy.

However, as in the case of an Australian woman who was a devoted Shettles follower during most of her life, the method didn’t work for her. Kymzi and her husband had been trying so hard to conceive a girl by having sex before ovulation, but for six consecutive tries, it had always been a boy. Kymzi was shocked when, one day, a nurse told her that the Shettles method is less than 50% accurate. That’s when she devised her own method of how to conceive a girl.

The O+12 Method

Contrary to the popular Shettles method, this new theory suggests that the best time to conceive a girl is 12 hours after ovulation, thus the name O+12. In a New Zealand study, researchers found out that more than 50% of babies that were conceived three to five days before ovulation were actually boys, not girls as Dr. Shettles had speculated. They also found out that there was more chance for their study participants to conceive a girl if they had sex on day right after ovulation.

How long your man abstains from ejaculating also supposedly affects the amount of X chromosome-bearing sperm cells that are responsible for conceiving girls. Get him to try not to ejaculate for around seven days before you ovulate. The idea behind this is that there are more girl sperm cells in an old batch of semen since they live longer than boy sperm cells.

O+12 Guidelines

If you want to conceive a girl using this new method, do the following:

1.    Track your hour of ovulation.This is very challenging because most ovulation predictor kits can only calculate the day of ovulation, but the exact hour remains to be seen. Therefore, you have to use every possible meansof finding out when exactly you will ovulate, including charting your basal body temperature several months before the big day, observing the changes in your cervical mucusand in your cervix(creamy and sticky mucus and high and soft should mean you’re ovulating), and taking note of ovulation pains (Not everyone has them but they’re very helpful in tracking down the exact hour of ovulation.).

2.    Tell your man to keep from ejaculating at least seven days before having sex. If you want to conceive a girl, then he has to collect more X chromosome sperm cells in his semen for better chances.

3.    Have sex at least eight to 20 hours after ejaculation. After that, abstain from having unprotected sex at least until after the fertile window has closed to up your chances that you will conceive a girl. Not doing so may introduce a fresh batch with Y chromosome-bearing sperm cells into the throng of sperm cells vying for the egg cell’s attention.

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