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1:41 pm March 21, 2012

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So you and your wife are finally ready to have a baby; the baby room is ready, the educational plan is all set, even the names are already planned, there is only one problem, you find it hard for your wife to get pregnant. Studies show that most of the time, between childless couples, it is the guy that is infertile. There are already a lot of male fertility tips and guidelines to be followed that help increase male fertility and provide higher chances of getting the wife pregnant, sometimes all you have to do is change your lifestyle.

Our current modern lifestyle is usually the culprit for problems in male fertility. So the simplest male fertility tip is to change your lifestyle bit by bit, until you have learned to embrace your new, healthier lifestyle and reap the benefits of this change. But how does one improve his or her lifestyle and increase male fertility? Here are the top 10 male fertility tips to live by:

1.    Get enough sleep. People in this generation usually deprive themselves of some good ‘ol shuteye. Sleep deprivation is not so good for your health, and if a person is unhealthy, this also means that it can affect male fertility. Sperm count and overall health have been seen to be better in males who do get the right amount of rest and sleep.

2.    Use loose clothing. As much as possible avoid using tight clothing. Guys should be wearing more loose clothing such as boxer shorts or pajamas especially when they are at home to avoid heating up those delicate parts. One should also avoid placing cell phones and other gadgets that emit heat radiation.

3.      Take supplements. One of the most popular male fertility tips to date is the use of supplements. Supplements are really important when it comes to increasing male fertility. Supplements contain vitamins and nutrients needed by the body to improve sperm health and sperm count. For men testosteron booster click Here to go to amazon.

4.      Don’t eat junk food. If you cannot really forget about junk food, then try decreasing junk food intake. Junk food does not contain anything healthy, or good for the body. These are just foods that fill you up when you need something to snack on, but too much of it is not so good.

5.      Drink water, lots of it. Dehydration can have adverse effects when it comes to male fertility and sperm health. So another male fertility tip is to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to be properly hydrated.

6.      Stop smoking. Smoking is an example of practicing a bad lifestyle. Male fertility can be affected on how a person treats his or her body as well as what lifestyle this man follows. Smoking wont’ have instant negative effects in male fertility, but the effects will be felt in the long run.

7.      Limit drinking alcohol. Just like smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is also an example of living a bad lifestyle. Alcohol in the form of red wine, which is packed with antioxidants, is good for the body, so you just have to pick which types of alcohol to drink.

8.      Lose weight. Anything too much of something is bad for you; this also goes with carrying too much weight. Being overweight is a sign that you are unhealthy, and if you look unhealthy most of the things found inside you are also unhealthy. Male fertility in obese and overweight men are lower compared to fit males; so to have a healthy body, it is ideal that you follow a good lifestyle eat good food, and lose all that extra weight.

9.      Eat healthy. Aside from simply avoiding junk foods, one of the most important male fertility tips is to make sure that everything that you eat is healthy. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables; anything which is fresh, found from mother earth and not processed is what you body needs to function properly.

10.   Stay away from stress. Stress can affect a person’s health, it can also affect male fertility. When a man is always tired, stressed, and sad, everything inside him including sperm health gets affected. If possible, stay away from all things that cause tension and stress. It pays to smile and be happy.

Following these male fertility tips won’t promise an instant baby, but by doing these your will get higher chances of getting that baby you have always wanted.

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