Pregnancy – Week by Week

Becoming a mother is one of the most painful, exciting, and rewarding moments in a woman’s life. Those nine months is a mixture of emotional highs and lows, unusual food cravings, irrelevant mood swings, and the experience of carrying a human being inside your belly for nine months. This is definitely an unforgettable experience, but what exactly happens in the nine month pregnancy?

Here’s a quick overview:

First 4 to 7 weeks. Technically during the first month of pregnancy, you are not considered pregnant yet. The first week marks the time when you start to suspect that you are indeed pregnant and this is the moment when you start taking pregnancy tests. This early, emotions already start to fluctuate; you find yourself being happy one moment and then suddenly start to be moody the next.

8 to 12 weeks. During these weeks, your baby grows from being a blastocyst to being an embryo. The size of the embryo is just as small as a kidney bean. It is also during this month when your baby’s heart starts to beat, but you can’t hear it yet. For the mom to be, this is the time, when you start to feel nauseous and start vomiting for reasons you don’t know of yet (if you still don’t know you’re pregnant). Which will usually lead to the assumption, that yes, you are indeed pregnant.

13 to 16 weeks. By this time, your baby already has his or her very own fingerprints and it is officially called a fetus. The head of your baby is half the size of its whole body, and external ears have already been formed. You can now get the chance to hear your baby’s heartbeat using a Doppler. The belly does not really show yet, but other developments occur during these period. Your breasts may feel fuller and tenderer and for some women, they start to continually experience morning sickness and fatigue.

17 – 20 weeks. During this time, the placenta is already producing needed hormones to sustain your pregnancy. Teeth, scalp hair, and skeleton should have also formed by now. Your baby now has the ability to pump 24 quarts of blood everyday and weighs almost 5 ounces. Women at this stage of pregnancy experience faster heartbeats because of the extra blood needed. She will also feel a lot better than what she experienced during the last month.

21 – 24 weeks. Both eyelids and eyebrows have formed during this time and gender can already be viewed at this point, however accuracy still varies so it would always be better to check again during the latter months to make sure.

25 – 29 weeks. You can now easily feel the movement of your baby. Your baby also starts to have baby fat so he or she loses the wrinkles on his or her skin. Sometimes, some women give birth this early resulting to premature babies.

30 – 33 weeks. Blinking can now be done by your baby at this point. You baby also starts to hear your voice, your heartbeat as well as the other organs in your body; he or she also starts to position him/herself head down. Symptoms of the last trimester such as back ache and sleeping problems will be experienced by the soon to be mother at this time.

34 – 37 weeks. Lungs are already well developed, the baby gets rounder and fatter, and the baby is already getting ready to be born. At this time, the mother tires easily as she gets ready to give birth in a few weeks.

38 – 41 weeks. All the organs have developed and the lungs start to secrete surfactant which helps in expanding the lungs at birth. Your baby may weigh seven to eight pounds at this time, and labor is a signal that the baby is ready to come out. Most of the time babies don’t really come out exactly on their due date, but come out at least two weeks earlier.

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